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 AF New Ver.1.3.1 Released

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AF New Ver.1.3.1 Released Empty
PostSubject: AF New Ver.1.3.1 Released   AF New Ver.1.3.1 Released I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 17, 2013 9:29 am

New Contents:
1. Game version updates from Ver.1.3.0 to Ver.1.3.1.
2. Guild Application System is newly added.  Player who doesn’t belong to a guild now can find a suitable guild much easier.
2.1. Player who doesn’t belong to a guild please open Guild interface (G), check all guilds’ info, and choose one to apply to join.
2.2. Guild application system settings can be set (by guild leader) as:
A. Need player’s application.
B. Anyone can join without application.
C. Reject anyone’s application.
2.3 If there is an application from player, guild leader can receive a hint at the right side of interface. Please click the hint to allow /reject the application.
3. A calendar event for beginners is newly added. Beginners can earn gold easily from it every day.
3.1. New quest “Gold Style” will give player a BUFF to dance “Gangnam Style”. Player will get 1 bound gold every minute in dancing state. Dance will last for 10 minutes. If player finish the dance, he will get 10 bound gold for one time.
3.2. A level 10~30 player can accept this quest twice in a day. Quest acceptable time: 06:00~08:00 and 18:00~20:00 (Server time / GMT-8 ). Quest NPC is PSY in main city.
3.3. Player can’t move in dance state. If you want to move and do other operations, please right-click BUFF icon to remove it. But when BUFF is removed, player won’t get gold any more.
4. New arrivals hit shelves in shop.
4.1. New arrivals in Asura Force Shop: Pet Meta Card Pack.
Pet Meta Card Pack  
Open it to get a random Meta Card (Lolly Pet).
Cost 66 AP
4.2. Adjustment in Asura Force Shop:
Instant HP Pill (lvl 3) and Instant MP Pill (lvl 3) are replaced with Instant HP Pill (lvl 4) and Instant MP Pill (lvl 4), while prices stay the same as lvl 3 pills.
5. VIP symbol is newly added.
VIP symbol is added in front of character name. Player can choose to show / hide the symbol to others.  
1. Guild settings are optimized.
1.1. When guild levels up, the increased guild member number is raised to 30.
1.2. A level 15 quest “First Day in Guild” is newly added. It can be done three times in a day and it will offer a large sum of experience, force, gold and 5 points of Guild Dedication.
2. Slots in suit (level 60) are increased.
Now each suit part from exchange system has 2 slots initially.
3. Entry requirements of "Ownerless Land" and "Conflict of Heaven Watchtower" are adjusted.
3.1. Entry requirement (level) of "Ownerless Land" is adjusted from level 20 to level 39.
3.2. Entry requirement (level) of "Conflict of Heaven Watchtower" is adjusted to level 40.
3.3. "Conflict of Heaven Watchtower" has daily quest now. A level 40 player can accept it.
4. Sound effects of some skills are adjusted.
5. Some words bug and system bug are fixed.
Enjoy the new version!
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AF New Ver.1.3.1 Released
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