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PostSubject: Learn About Us   Thu Jan 31, 2013 8:14 pm

We are a group of gamer who's enjoy the process of gaming in particular in MMOROG games with over 10 years of histroy included of games such as S.U.N. Talisman Online, Asura Force.... therefor is an good reason we selected to be play on the PvE server.

We won't like to race agist other gamer however we do able to achieve a lot in game, No competition don't mean no achievement as we are always compete agist ourself to have better achievement in game. social is another important part to us in game, through gaming we had build our friendship and bound with each other which last for years and many more years to go.

We have no intention to build a army for our guild but just to have a group of 'friends' who can really enjoy the game freely, no rule or condition will be attach to be our member all we expect is all respect each other.

No guild quest require from member as a MUST,we do welcome member who's love to do guild quest on thier own willing but will never set as a RULE that apply to member, Welcone to a guild that you can really feel free to do whatever you like in game.

I love you
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Learn About Us
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