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 Daily Attendance Event

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PostSubject: Daily Attendance Event   Daily Attendance Event I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2016 1:18 am

Event Period: September 8, 2016 ~ October 5, 2016

Event Details:

Collect [Time Stones] which can be acquired by killing monsters that are on you level range (varies depending on your current level)

You can go to the Event NPC in Shamor once you have acquired [30x Time Stones] to receive (1 Day of the Week [Attendance Symbol] ).

Once you have the [Attendance Symbol] in your possession for 3 hours it will turn into the [Attendance Certificate].

Each day of the week [Attendance Certificate] can be use via Elder NPC in Shamor
   Also each day of the week can give players different rewards and buffs

Daily Attendance Event Upload10

Event Notes:

Unable to acquire Time Stones if monsters is not on your level range (Time Stones will be discarded upon the ending event)

Only 1 Attendance Symbol will be given per day during the event period.

New Attendance Symbol will not be distributed if previous Attendance Symbols, or Attendance Certificate are still in your inventory/possession. This means that you must use the Attendance Symbol on that particular day and cannot receive a new Attendance Symbol unless the previous one is either used or deleted from your inventory.

Item Restrictions:

As this event is a Daily Attendance event the items have certain restrictions t o prevent any event exploits and ensure fairness with all players.
Daily Attendance Event Upload_2016-9-8_15-14-1-png
Both Attendance Symbol, and Attendance Certificate will be discarded upon the event end (10/5/2016 Maintenance)

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Daily Attendance Event
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