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 Perfume Quest

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PostSubject: Perfume Quest   Perfume Quest I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 09, 2014 3:41 pm

First of all before the quest started make sure yoy have a team of 1 female char and 1 male char , female char must be the team leader. ok here we start after a team had make.

Perfume Quest Perfume1_zps6112a9d3

1 Female Char take 'Perfumer' quest from NPC Rio .

Perfume Quest Perfume3_zpse9e3faec

2. Male char take 'The scent of Her Heart' quest from NPC Rio .

Perfume Quest Perfume2_zps3eec659d

3 Female char go collect an perfume from NPC Perfumer and let the Male char know what type of perfume got.

Perfume Quest Perfume5_zps8a54943fPerfume Quest Perfume4_zps095c0a59

4 Male char go NPC Lieutenant Colonel Spharan to select the correct type of perfume in quest list.

5 Female char go to NPC Lieutenant Colonel Spharan and use the perfume next to the Male char and now Male char had completed his quest and receive a 'gift' that need to be trade to the Female char.

Perfume Quest Perfume6_zps27d2ee07

6 Now the Female will need bring the 'gift' back to NPC Perfumer and give him the correct type of 'gift' in order to completed the quest . and both char quest completed totally .

THE END ....  cheers
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Perfume Quest
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