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 War of the Ancients

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PostSubject: War of the Ancients   War of the Ancients I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 04, 2014 6:58 pm

This not an guide just an discussion how can we done it in a better way to achieve higher round.

1. How to know where is the mob spwam fast without search by running around.
War of the Ancients WoA2_zps31a6efd6
Those white dot is 'mob' open big map will able to see where they comming from.

2. When mob come from 2 difference direction
War of the Ancients WoA1_zps8e4c8e0e
I will like to suggest split into 2 group of member in the location on the 2 red circle, the one at the center need less member will due to the distance for the mob to break the seal is longer have no problem clear them all with less member.

Ok if you have better suggestion pls offer to us thx.

Another way of knowing where the mob spwan from and attack is by see the color of the glow at the gate.

The White color glow show is where they will attack
War of the Ancients 2013-01-0620-57-50_zpsa5d33296

Then check the green color glow gate which may at either side or the opposite side of the white glow gate
War of the Ancients 2013-01-0620-57-56_zpse5f7ef21

The best and fast react to it is when each round end run to the center of the map and look around for the glow.

Those are just my suggestion hope it help.

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War of the Ancients
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