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The first thing you will need to know is that you must be Lv75 or better to even attempt to battle King Desollar’s forces. Once you are Lv75, head to Nightfall Citadel and look on your map. Looking near the Twilight Bridge, you will notice an instance entrance icon near it. Head to it (it is located next to an ominous looking chasm) and you will see this fellow:
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This is Ramses Desollar, brother to King Akena Desollar. He is cursed to guard the entrance to his brother’s tomb for all time. Speak to him to raid the tomb!
Once you are inside, you must remember to stick together. All of the bosses will close the entrances and exits from their rooms, so if you have party members that lag behind, or if the worst happens and you die, then you will be stuck until the fight is over, one way or the other.
Now, before you do ANYTHING, open your Legends book. Select All, then Gear Instances, then Tomb of Kings. There are 8 new achievements that are exclusive for this instance, but we will only focus on 5 of them. Why should we do that, you ask? Well that’s because in order to have access to the secret boss you need to complete 5 of the achievements in one session!
Each of these achievements pertains to a certain boss in the instance, and involves defeating them in a specific way. Now as it might be difficult to worry about your legends book when battling each boss, I will include the Achievement needed for each one as well as how to obtain it in each boss’ section.
Part Two: Walkthrough
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Fall off of the pillar and you will land near an Exit Crystal. This is your last chance to leave, because it’s a long way down to the next room, and there is no going back once you drop down. Once you enter the next room, dispose of the Scavenger Beetles and prepare for your first boss:
ToK Guide Bad998761f57c96f03b41effdc7130a41335484108
ACHIEVEMENT: A Furious Ending
How to get: Defeat High Priest Imho while he is in the Furious State.
At first Imho can seem pretty straight forward, but he has a couple tricks up his sleeve which can be devastating if you are unprepared. First he can inflict Slow on you, which hinders your movement speed. He also has a nasty power named Brainstorm, which causes you to lose 5% of your Health for 5 minutes, and cannot be dispelled. The effect will end when either 90% of your health is gone or the 5 minutes are up, whichever comes first. He also has the ability to change into a raging monster, also known as the Furious State.
ToK Guide 42410540a27337867bbd0df448a1e04c1335484248
While he is in the Furious State, he will have his Attack and Crit Chance greatly increased, but he will also have his movement slowed. Kill Imho when he is in this state to get the achievement.
The last thing Imho does to you is when he dies, he places a curse on you. For the rest of the instances, you (or your party members) will be randomly attacked by Royal Specters.
ToK Guide 9b8fa64b598ca95ecbbdab1ab4c29e3b1335484195
When a specter attacks, you have 30 seconds to kill it; otherwise it will afflict you with Lost Soul, which reduces all of your stats and abilities for 5 minutes. So don’t hesitate to help out your party members when they come under attack from one and hopefully they will do the same when it happens to you!
Once Imho is vanquished, continue to the large room with several undead foes. Dispatch them, and look around for a knocked over column on the left side as you enter. Notice how it makes a convenient ramp? Walk up the column and you will come to a doorway. Head through it and down the passage. Blow through more undead foes, and you will come to a room with a rather large fellow:
ToK Guide Acbb93bd4f4b1adf73460c1a84f3297c1335484318
How to get: Defeat the Medusian Monstrosity before the 11th riddle.
Now this is an interesting fight. In addition to being a hard-hitting, tough-as-nails boss, he will also ask you a series of riddles, which matter for two reasons:
1) Answering any riddle incorrectly will result in that character being ensnared and unable to move for a short while, and 2) You must defeat the Medusian Monstrosity before he asks the 11th riddle in order to access the secret boss.
Other than that, it’s a pretty straight forward fight. Once it is defeated head back the way you came and back down the pillar and turn left, towards the way you didn’t go before.
Head up the passage, past more goons, until you come to a circular room with a comely lass just lounging around the tomb.
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ACHIEVEMENT: Indifference
How to get: Defeat Queen Deville while Krue and Ella are still alive.
Meet Queen Deville, wife of King Akena Desollar and cursed by Vyda for all time. When you enter her chamber she will summon her two servants, Krue and Ella, to aid in her defense.
When they appear, each one will have a different color aura around them. This is their area of attack, and they will only go after someone if they are in their area. If no character is in any one bosses’ area, then they will unleash AOE attacks against the entire party. They all also possess the ability to afflict someone with a Melody debuff, one for each of the three women.
Siroccon Melody:
Your Crit Chance is increased, but your damage taken will be increased when under the effects of the melody. Unable to dispel.
Moonlit Melody:
Your Attack is increased, but your damage taken will be increased when under the effects of the melody. Unable to dispel.
Passionate Melody:
Your Crit Damage is increased, but your damage taken will be increased when under the effects of the melody. Unable to dispel.
Now what makes these so brutal is that not only do they stack, they also stack with each other. So if you are affected by all three melodies, you will be able to do a lot of damage, but you will also be extremely vulnerable to it as well, so keep that in mind. Queen Deville also has the ability to slow and stun you, in addition to the melodies, so be prepared.
To get the Achievement, you must defeat Queen Deville while both Krue and Ella are still alive-no small challenge.
Once you dispose of the Royal Queen and her concubines, step into the teleporter that appears, and head into the deepest parts of the tomb. When you are on the other side, move down the passage, until you come into a room with three platforms on either side of a broken walkway, and prepare to fight a challenging foe:
ToK Guide C8494cee97c406a52f7a72bfe3353d871335484503
ACHIEVEMENT: A Tiny Bit of Land.
How to get: Defeat Executioner Mohgo once all six platforms have been irradiated.
No that picture is not upside down, this boss is, in fact, on the ceiling. This boss has a tremendous defense; your attacks will do minimal damage, so in order to win, you must switch tactics. Notice the platforms? Well every few seconds a device will appear on one of them that can be used, and when done, will damage the boss. This is the primary way to defeat Mohgo.
It’s all simple right? Wrong. As time progresses, each platform will slowly be irradiated, causing damage to anyone caught in the radius of the green cloud. Along with that, falling off the edges will prove fatal, and cause the player to be revived back at the start of the instance.
To get the achievement, you must defeat Mohgo once all six platforms are irradiated at the same time. Best of luck, my friends.
Once Mohgo is put in his place, enter the final room, and prepare for an audience with Akena Desollar-immortal King of the Desollar Empire.
ToK Guide 8bde2a90fa6daf05ea8ccd18672a97de1335484579
ACHIEVEMENT: Decisiveness
How to get: Defeat King Akena with at least 4 other guardians present.
This is it. The big showdown for the fate of the world! (At least he would like you to believe that, anyway.) Now in addition to all the normal ‘he’s-a-boss-so-he-hits-hard-and-takes-little-damage’ business, he has a few particularly nasty tricks up his sleeve.
First, he can afflict you with the Corrosion effect, which lowers healing effects used on you. Next, he can cause characters to fall asleep, and the kicker is that only attacks will wake them. Finally, he can summon guardians to protect and fight for him. These are no ordinary servants though-they are the bosses you just fought through in order to get here! That’s right; King Akena can summon all of the bosses from this instance to come to his aid. So be extremely prepared for a long and drawn out fight.
To get the achievement and unlock the secret boss, you have to kill King Akena with at least 4 guardians present in the room. Good luck!
Secret Boss: Royal Executioner Biggs
So you successfully vanquished Akena Desollar and his underlings, and gotten all 5 achievements, but what was it all for? The secret boss of course! If you followed my steps correctly, when you kill King Akena, a teleporter will appear to transport you to another dimension to battle with the Royal Executioner of the Desollar Empire-Biggs himself.
ToK Guide 38c8a33ec3dac7e31ea0993e09111eb01335492886
Once you step through the teleporter, you will appear in a place that’s familiar to anyone who paid attention to the splash screens during the installation process of this game. You will appear on a floating platform, and the boss will be located below you. Once you drop down, be ready for a fight.
ToK Guide 0d780258c3e483d50b6cfab9a55a208c1335492921
Expect a really tough fight against Biggs. He can slow you and has a TON of Health. Once you triumph, however, a fellow named Rarr will appear. Speak to him and he will give you your rewards, including Champion reputation! Not too shabby!
Well that just about covers all there is to know about the Tomb of Kings! I hope this guides helps you, and as always, see you next time!
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