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 Basic Rune Guide

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PostSubject: Basic Rune Guide   Basic Rune Guide I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 31, 2013 8:26 pm

This is just an basic guide for Rune insert and upgrade.

First of all the NPC location
Basic Rune Guide 2012-08-0817-03-15
To start upgrade Rune
Basic Rune Guide 2012-08-0817-05-15

Insert 5x same color Lv 1 Rune in order to upgrade to a Lv 2 Rune and prepare the amount of gold coins required
Basic Rune Guide 2012-08-0817-05-33
And the result will be as follow
Basic Rune Guide 2012-08-0817-05-56
Now move to next Lv do as previous insert 5x Lv 2 Rune in order to produce a Lv 3 Rune
Basic Rune Guide 2012-08-0817-06-29
Basic Rune Guide 2012-08-0817-06-42

From Lv 3 Rune to Lv 4 Rune will have no type (Class) or color restriction, any 5x of same Lv may produce a higher Lv of Rune.

Now let take a close look of the Lv 3 Rune
Basic Rune Guide 2012-08-0822-50-11copy
Be reminded the result of Class and talent is random.

Next what you can do with your Rune
Basic Rune Guide Untitled-2

Have a nice day dear member and enjoy ^^
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Basic Rune Guide
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